History of Windvibes

Windvibes is the largest watersports event in the Turks and Caicos, aimed to promote watersports by bringing all people, regardless of skill level, out on the water.

Over the years, Windvibes has transformed from a strictly kiteboarding event to one that features a range of watersports and games—from swimming and standup paddleboarding, to log-throwing and tug-of-war. Kiteboarding requires wind, which is never a guarantee—and a series of windless Windvibes events encouraged the addition of other sports and activities. Today, there’s something for everybody at Windvibes. And we anticipate Windvibes 2016 to be the most spectacular year yet for the biggest watersports event in the Turks and Caicos.

This year, on July 10, we celebrate 10 years of Windvibes in the Turks and Caicos. What began as an amateur kiteboarding competition with a handful of participants is now a full-fledged watersports event that draws hundreds of competitors and beachgoers to Long Bay Beach every year.

Event founder Hope LeVin, a local professional kiteboarder, launched Windvibes on Providenciales in 2007—at the age of 13.

At that point, Hope had been kiteboarding in the Turks and Caicos for three years and often heard fellow kiteboarders lament about the lack of kiteboarding events in the country. And she decided to do something about it.

So in 2007, Windvibes came alive on Long Bay Beach—a favorite spot for local, visiting and learning kiteboarders, renowned for its shallow waters and usually windy conditions.

That first event drew 7 competitors. But it was no indication of things to come: Our 2015 event brought approximately 1,000 people to Long Bay Beach.

The growing success of Windvibes couldn’t have been possible without some of our biggest supporters: Mike Rosati, who has been there from day 1, helping us to plan and organize our first event in 2007. Philip Shearer of Big Blue Unlimited has also played a key role, joining as our presenting sponsor in 2010 and providing us with watersports equipment necessary to transform Windvibes from a kiteboarding event into the multiple watersports event that it is today. Ben Stubenberg helped us to add swimming to our event in 2012, while Jill Swann was instrumental in bringing the philanthropic side of Windvibes to life with the introduction of the Charity Challenge. Hope’s brother’s Agile and Daniel LeVin have provided invaluable support with Agile constructing the Big Red Chair and Daniel providing us with graphics for each event, among many other things.

We thank each and everyone who has contributed time and energy into Windvibes.

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