Windvibes 2016

What an amazing day – thank you to everyone for coming out to support the 10th and final Windvibes!

Big thanks to Brian deAction Man Talma for hosting Windvibes 2016 and for Mike Rosati for assisting in the course and buoy placement!

Here are the Windvibes 2016 results:

WOMENS Kiteboarding Freestyle

1st Christina Holley

2nd Cesca Pierce

3rd Irina Korolkevichi

MENS Kiteboarding  Freestyle

1st Johnny Fassler

2nd Nico Las

3rd Nicholos Boucher

WOMENS Kiteboarding Racing

1st Jessica Wrinkler

2nd Annet Pastor

3rd Sabrina Martinenghi

MENS Kiteboarding Racing

1st Nico Las

2nd Robert Bedoya

3rd Mark Cafero

YOUTH Kiteboarding Freestyle

1st Joesph Prieto

2nd Mark Cafero

3rd Kit Griffiths

*Special mention to Sam Boucher competing at just 9 years old!

WOO’s Big Air Kiteboarding Event

(536 jumps – 25m.45s total time spent in the air at Windvibes 2016!)

WOMENS biggest air

1st Christina Holley – 18.9ft

2nd Irina Korolkevichi – 18.1ft

3rd Amanda Greenstein – 17.7ft

MENS Biggest Air Event

1st Philip Shearer – 28.3ft

2nd Robert Bedoya – 27.6ft

3rd Zach Kaplan – 27.5ft

Charity Challenge (SUP, kayak, swim)

1st Waterplay

2nd Windhaven

3rd Surfside

Log Throwing

Women: Gabby Hedgus

Men: Gilles Diotte



Jennifer Martel

Kaja Lepczynska

Lynn Robinson


Dan Redmond

Jason Hudson

Lenny Hamilton


Kit Griffiths

Sean Karam

Javed Shearer


Evan Hibbard

Dan Redmond

Andre Slabbert

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